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What is our GROW Vision?

The roots of a potted plant can only grow as deep and wide as the vessel it's planted in.  Our goal is to continue to GROW!  This means we need to transplant this healthy church into a new location. It also doesn't stop at moving into a new buildings. It also means moving into new cites and new surrounding communities.  Our "GROW Vision" is more than just buying property to develop and move into. It means GROWING the gospel anywhere and everywhere possible.  In the past 2 years, this church has committed to starting "House to House" meetings throughout our surrounding area.  It is through these gathering where we will plant new campuses to spread the Good News of Christ!   


This vision takes much effort. One that requires your help.  We are asking you to help us do 3 things…


  • PRAY!  Help us pray that God grants us favor and boldness as we spread truth throughout the Columbia, SC area.  We need every prayer that you can send our way.

  • GIVE!  Help us give towards this great burden.  Any amount is such a blessing towards advancing the Kingdom of God in this region. Your giving will go towards purchasing property, outreach endeavors, assisting the community in times of great need, and many other areas of advancing the church.

  • SHARE!  We need your help to share what we are trying to accomplish for His purpose.  You may have a friend or family member in our area that needs to know we are here to be a help.  Your influence has such a great reach. Please share.

Thank you for helping us GROW here in the Columbia, SC area.

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