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“ set at liberty them
that are bruised.”

Luke 4:18

Each week individuals like you are discovering the joy of being part of a church that welcomes everyone, builds up people, and serves the community. We’re a body of learners and worshippers who understands that we haven’t “obtained.”  We’re learning, growing, and living out real faith in the real world.


Every week Aphesis Church is striving to live in the demonstration of God’s power and love.  Here at Aphesis, we are seeing God live through our families, community, city, and around the world.  


It is our hope that we are a church that truly embodies the word "aphesis".  "Aphesis" was a Greek word used multiple times in scripture to represent "liberty and remission".  When we participate in one of our services, we pray that "aphesis" takes affect of our lives and gives us the real freedom we need to live an overcoming life!  

We are inviting anyone and everyone who wants to grow, build up their kids, and to set at liberty (aphesis) a new life with Jesus Christ.  Come see what so many of us are so excited about. Come and discover Aphesis Church!

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